Besto Solas EC 2010

Besto solas EC 2010 Foam
Adult lifejacket, Standards: SOLAS / MED approved, MSC.200(80

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The Besto SOLAS EC 2010 Lifejacket is fully approved to the new testing requirements that will change lifejacket perfor-mance in July 2010 with the adoption of MSC.200(80), which makes a new era in lifejacket design and performance.The Besto Solas EC 2010 lifejacket exceeds the new 2010 requirements with come into effect from the 1st of July 2010 and carries the wheelmark sign of approval for it. The Lifejacket is available in the sizes infant, child and adult. They have been tested to comply with the new SOLAS standards and the Besto jacket has better performances then reference jacket in all parameters of the trials. The very compact size allows a comfortable fi t and reduces storage volume, making it ideal for storage on passenger Vessels.


• Material: Nylon, Closure Type: Nexus buckle (Easliy adjustable waistbelt)
• Buoyancy: 165 N • Colour: Orange
• Features: Compact Size • Self Righting in 2-3secs • Freeboard of the mouth
• Optimized Survival time • Adjustable chin strap • New testing approvals
• Weight: 43kg + • Compact Size: 320 x 230 x 290mm
• Standards: SOLAS / MED approved, MSC.200(80)



Standards: SOLAS / MED approved, MSC.200(80