Portwest – Height Endurance Vented Helmet



CE certified
Light and robust
Vented hard hat allowing a refreshing airflow around the head
Specially designed for working at height
6 points textile harness
Hi-Visibility colour for visibility in daylight
Chin strap included
Compatible with PW47 and PS47 clip-on ear muff
Compatible accessories available
7 years shelf life from manufacturing date outlined in product user sheet





Care & Maintenance

• Clean helmet assembly regularly with mild soap (no detergents) and warm water

• Do not throw, drop, use as support or abuse helmet to ensure proper working condition

• Store helmet in clean, dry environment <49°C (120°F)

Service Life Guidelines

• Helmets are made with high-quality, wear-resistant materials

• Inspect the helmet before and after each use and replace any part(s) as required

• Always replace the helmet after it has withstood an impact or penetration. We recommend:– replacing the suspension after no more than 12 months of use– replacing the shell after no more than five (5) years of use


All industrial waste should be disposed of correctly according to local regulations and good disposal practice. Industrial helmet devices should be disposed of considering the hazardous substances they were used for. Please consider recycling.

Helmet Colours

Green, White, Yellow