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The SFV-10 is a version of the WV-10 work vest with a slot in the back to facilitate wearing over a fall restraint harness. This arrangement allows the snap hook and lanyard to be worn comfortably outside of the jacket


The best components are used to insure long life of service. The closed-cell floatation foam will not absorb water if cut or punctured. The tough, flexible vinyl coating resists caustics, acids, UV lights, hydrocarbons, mildew, fading, drilling mud, tears and abrasions. The SFV-10 is easy to clean with soap and water – a benefit that fabric-covered devices cannot claim. This bright international orange coating passes Underwriters Laboratory flame test UL1123. The webbing system – not the foam pads – is designed to take strains and loads.

The flexible foam floatation pads cover a minimum body area to increase ventilation and promote freedom of movement, this means the wearer of a Taylortec SFV-10 can work more effectively.

To help compensate for equipment or heavy clothing that the user might be wearing, the buoyancy of the Seahorse Work Vest is greater than the USCG minimum. The innovative chest strap helps to hold the vest on the wearer during falls into the water and prevents the vest from riding up too high. Unlike other types of hardware, the plastic side release buckles won’t accidentally come undone or become a snag hazard.