Our Mission

We stand for the full realization of team potential by providing an environment that encourages innovation and imagination within a team culture whilst abiding to ethical principles.

Our Vision

We aim to become the leading, value adding, benefit providing company in Angola with emphasis on customer satisfaction. We also aim to construct great teams with great cultures which encourage and reward innovation, imagination and the entrepreneurial spirit within an innovative business model, this is the ultimate creation

“To build an average business is easier than it looks, to build a superior business is harder than it looks”

Benjamin Graham

Core Ideology

The main essence for success is to create such a culture and ideology that promotes character, capability conscience and contribution as well as:

  • Caring about the well being of the company and individuals
  • Caring about the well being of society
  • Continual and planned improvement of capability by thinking and mental growth
  • The release of imagination and the freedom of the entrepreneurial spirit
  • Passion

Core Values

  • Trust in our teams and our products
  • Humility to listen too and respect our customers, suppliers and support teams
  • Contribution, we believe in giving something back to Angola
  • Reputation and Honor is everything
  • Merit and Openness