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1000004Mirror Lens, Category II, Standards EN166/EN170/EN 172/EN171/EN169
100157Honeywell Half-Mask Valuair - Size : Large
1002305Honeywell, SA66 Helmet- Mounted Visor Holder
1002307SUPERVIZOR SV9AC Clear Acetate Visor (200mm)
1002312Clear Polycarbonate Visor 230mm
1002318Supervizor SV9TC Clear Triacetate Visor
1002884Miller By Honeywell MD02 Polyamide Rope Lanyard 2m Length
1004594 (30m)MightyLite 30m Self Retracting Lifeline
1004595 (40m)MI56 MightyLite – 40m Stainless steel wire
1005073Bilsom 303L Earplug Uncorded 200 per box, Standards: EN-352-2
1005595PRICE BOX 5, 5251 M/L FFP2 NR OV -Valved for Welding.  disposable mask, Protects against: Particulates • Standards: EN 149:2001
1005602 PRICE BOX 5, FFP3V NR D - with valve and full-face seal, Protects against: Particulates • Standards: EN 149:2001
1006405HONEYWELL – MILLENNIA Safety Glasses, Welding, Black, IR 3 Lens
1008111Honeywell Welding Goggles, ANSI Z87.1-1989/CA 21,194, EN 166/EN 175
1010922 Leightning L1s - Headband Ear Muff, SNR 30
1010929Honeywell 5 Thunder T2 Ear Muff
1011332Lens Cleaning Towelette Dispenser, 100 per box, Alcohol & Silicone free
1011378Sperian Clear Lens Cleaning Solution -500ml Spray Bottle
1011380Disposable Lens Cleaning Station. 500 ml Spray + Towelettes, 1500 lens cleaning tissues
1011729 (6.2m)Miller By Honeywell Falcon Self Retracting Lifeline 6.2m Length
1011742 (10m)Miller By Honeywell Falcon Self Retracting Lifelines 10m Length
1011994 Leightning L1s - Wire , Neck- Band Ear Muff
1011998Extends performance and lifetime of earmuff Recommended replacement every 6 months with general use
1012337Miller By Honeywell 650k Kevlar/Nomex Full body Harness
1012539AIR FLOW CONTROL TECHNOLOGY Bilsom’s patented Air Flow Control™ technology delivers optimal attenuation across all frequencies
1013040Leight Source 400 Earplug Dispenser
1013431Miller By Honeywell Titan Forked Webbing Energy Absorbing Lanyard
1014330Miller By Honeywell Titan A3 Webbing Energy Absorbing Lanyard 1.5m Length
1015351HONEYWELL - A700 Clear Safety Glasses. Anti-Fog + Impact Resistant.
1015360Clear lens , Anti-Fog, Impact Resistant, Category II, Standards EN166/EN170/EN 172/EN171/EN169
1028476Honeywell Smartfit Corded Ear Plugs in Poly Bag 100 per box, EN 352-2-2002 certified
1028643SP1000 Safety Eyewear, Black Frame, Grey Lens, ISO 9001 / 2000, DIN EN 166, 170, 172 : 2002
1035459Honeywell – North bayonet ABEK1P3 cartridge
17150Honeywell Optifit Single filter full‐face respirator
17152Honeywell Optifit Twin full‐face respirator
1788155Honeywell – RD 40 Plastic Filters A2B2EK2P3 X
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