Escape Respirator – Standards – DIN 58647-T7 (ABEK-5) Duration: 5 minutes

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MiniSCAPE is a one-time use escape device fitting into the pocket of any work clothing
In case of emergency it can be donned very quickly and is immediately operational
Using the TabTec filter, it offers an ABEK-5 protection
Filters TabTec Technology, Small design, high performances
Universal fit (mouthpiece)
Standards – DIN 58647-T7 (ABEK-5) Duration: 5 minutes

Conditions of use:

• short-term filtering escape device for one-time use only• with the latest filtering media TabTec technology• applicable in areas where toxic gases and vapours could leak• small and handy, it fits into the pockets of any work clothing or can be belt carried with the integrated belt clip• the hygienic and convenient carrying case allows easy distribution to different persons, for example visitors and workers




DIN 58647-T7 (ABEK-5) Duration: 5 minutes