DROMEX – B1 TWIN UNIFIT FILTER Cartridge.Inorganic gases and vapours. PK 2

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Dromex DHCT-B1 UNIFIT lightweight reusable gas cartridges is used in conjunction with Dromex® twin cartridge respirators (DH102, DH202 and DHFFM), filters out medium concentrations of inorganic gases and vapours present in the atmosphere. Approved for used with half masks as per EN140:1998, full face masks as per EN 136:1998.





The exterior of the filter can be cleaned with the use of a dry cloth. Solvents must not be used and care should be taken to ensure no water enters the filter. Shelf Life 3 years. The expiry date of each item is indicated on the cartridge.


All industrial waste should be disposed of correctly according to local regulations and good disposal practice. Respiratory protective devices should be disposed of considering the hazardous substances they were used for. Please consider recycling.