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The first and only life vest to have earned four regulatory approvals in one compact design. After several years of extensive design and testing, Mustang Survival is proud to announce the all new 4-ONE.

Approved to USCG SOLAS, TC SOLAS, MED SOLAS, and USCG Type I standards, the 4-ONE eases both the hassle and burden associated with compliance to a variety of vessel regulations.

Available in two sizes to fit both adults and children, the design scores highly on compact storage, easy donning and in-water performance. Stowing procedure: stack vests head to toe and front to front, for optimal space savings. When stowed properly, two vests stacked on top of each other will take up just 11.5″ of depth.

MV8040 Type I Life Vest enhances your chance of survival in rough waters where rescue may be slow to arrive. MV8040 is designed to turn most unconscious wearers face up in the water, helping to ensure you’ll be able to breath even if you lose consciousness. The high visibility bright orance fabric and SOLAS grade reflective material are easy to see making it more likely rescuers will spot you sooner. This comfortable light weight Type I life vest provides 22 lbs buoyancy and is sized to fit adolescents and adults 90 lbs and up.


Inspected and tested to SOLAS in accordance with U.S. Coast Guard regulations, Transport Canada regulations, and M.E.D. regulations
SOLAS grade reflective tape
High visibility bright orange fabric
Accessory tab with SOLAS approved whistle
Attachment point for emergency personal locator light MA7099 sold separately
Buoyant buddy line
Lifting loop
Marine Equipment Directive SOLAS