RED Endurance  Helmet + Visor set.  Materials-ABS, Polycarbonate, Vented, around the head Lateral deformation
Anti-scratch coating for added durability, Anti-fog coating 6 points textile harness, Wheel ratchet size adjustment EN 166 (1 FT) EN 397

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RED Vented helmet. ABS shell, textile comfortharness 6 points, wheel ratchet adjustable size,56-63 cm. Sweat band and chin strap included.Sold with retractable clear visor PW56 included. Spare parts available.


Head Protection

PW rapidly expanding head protection product range aims to benefit our customers by combining the most updated styles and standards in head protection, irrespective of job or location. A wide selection of compatible accessories is also available. A full explanation of features and performances are given in order to help you make a more informed choice.


Portwest Head PPE range applies the latest standards to deliver the highest level of protection. Comfortable and lightweight, the PPE range will ensure a pleasant wear, even for long periods of use. Your safety is our mission.


CE certified

Vented hard hat allowing a refreshing airflow around the head

Lateral deformation

Anti-scratch coating for added durability

Anti-fog coating for additional comfort to the wearer

6 points textile harness

Wheel ratchet size adjustment for easy fitting

Chin strap included

Retractable clear visor included

Compatible with PW47 and PS47 Clip-On Ear Muff



EN 166 (1 FT)EN 397 (-30°C/+50°C, LD)


Care & Maintenance

• Clean helmet assembly regularly with mild soap (no detergents) and warm water

• Do not throw, drop, use as support or abuse helmet to ensure proper working condition

• Store helmet in clean, dry environment <49°C (120°F)

Service Life Guidelines

• Helmets are made with high-quality, wear-resistant materials

• Inspect the helmet before and after each use and replace any part(s) as required

• Always replace the helmet after it has withstood an impact or penetration. We recommends:– replacing the suspension after no more than 12 months of use– replacing the shell after no more than five (5) years of use


All industrial waste should be disposed of correctly according to local regulations and good disposal practice. Industrial helmet devices should be disposed of considering the hazardous substances they were used for. Please consider recycling.

Helmet Colours

Green, White, Yellow