PRICE PACK 12 – Easy Flex, Multi-Purpose Nitrile Glove,3/4 dipped, Coating Material : Nitrile,Liner material : Interlock cotton,EN 2111 , CAT II,

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Better resistance to snags, punctures, abrasions and cuts when compared to ordinary 8-ounce cotton and string-knit gloves
Ergonomically designed to be extremely cool, comfortable, light and flexible
Superior dry grip
Lightweight nitrile coating repels oil and grease♦

• The coolness and comfort of cotton – but with far superior grip.

• Makes it easier and safer to handle smooth objects like boxes orappliances.

• Coating only on fingers and palm. Protects the working area, but leaves the back of the hand free to breathe.

• Much better resistance to snags, puncture and abrasion.

• Nitrile coating repels oil and grease.

• Lasts five times longer than an ordinary cotton glove



Appliance Manufacturing
General Industry

Ideal Applications

Assembling, inspecting and packing small or delicate parts
General maintenance
General material handling
Shipping and receiving – handling cartons and packaging



Standards : EN 2111 , CAT II,


Product withstands commercial laundry-room detergents (up to pH 14) and warm water temperatures up to 120ºF (49ºC). Lower heat settings (up to 180ºF) are suggested for drying as extreme heat may cause shrinking and degradation of fiber.Indefinite shelf life when stored in original packaging in a cool dry place away from light. Recommended temperature range: 50°F to 86°F (10°C to 30°C)

Glove Sizes

Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXL, XXXL