Cut 5 , Leather Palm, Multiple Industries Handling : sheet metal, Glass, automotive, Machining, assembly
Construction and Welding.EN 388 4542, EN 407


Style: Leather palm and fingers. Liner: 100% Dromex® Cut 5.
Palm: Cow split leather 3 mm ± 5 %. Back: 100% Dromex® Cut 5 fibre 2 mm ± 5 %
Cuff: Composite knit wrist cuff.
Multiple Indutries Handling : sheet metal, Glass, auotomative, Machining, assembley
Construction and Welding.
EN 388 4542, EN 407


100% Dromex® Cut 5 medium weight knitted glove with leather patch on the palm and fingers features high abrasion, cut and contact heat resistance up to 250° C for 15 seconds. Designed for a multiple range of industries and risks exposure, it is the ideal safety glove for handling sheet metal, glass, automotive industries, machining, assembling and construction and welding.

The construction of the liner brings increased comfort and fit while allowing excellent air circulation to keep hands dry and comfortable. The technical leather patch gives an excellent grip in oily conditions but also a high durability and resistance to heat, snatch, cut and tear.The UV resistance of the Taeki5 liner keeps the glove properties intact when exposed to the light



Complies with the requirements of CE type examinations EN420 for innocuousness, EN 388 Mechanical Risks (4,5,4,2) and EN 407 (X2XXXX) for compliance with directive 89/686/EEC.


Gloves should not be left in a contaminated condition if re-use is intended especially if potential hazards exist. Before removal from the hands excess contaminant should first be removed from the gloves. Should this not be possible, it is advisable to ease left and right hand gloves off using the gloved hand and remove the gloves without the contaminant contacting the bare hands.

How to de-contaminate your leather glove.

Under no circumstances should leather submerged in water.1. Prepare a lukewarm water solution using mild detergent.2. Gently wipe your leather glove with a cloth.3. In-order to reduce stiffering, allow the leather glove to dry naturally