Unifit Twin Mask

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DH202 (NRCS AZ2011/46)
• Soft TPR with a deep face mould for a comfortable fit with an excellent seal
• Dual wide elastic connected with a pin swivel connector with
adjustable and with a quick release toggle
• Efficient exhalation mask
• For use with the DHCT twin unifit filter cartridge system

Dromex® DH202 TWIN MIDI reusable, lightweight reusable and adjustable, half mask is used in combination with Dromex® gas and/or particulate filter/cartridges, designed to protect the user’s respiratory system from inhaling dangerous particulates.The DH202 half mask design entails a high-performance exhalation valve, situated in a grey half mask TPR (Thermo plastic rubber) body, that has a soft seal on the face with a dual elastic head band complete with an adjustable skull cradle and large quick release toggles for ease of putting on and taking off when used with gloves.The DH202 half mask features a pressure corrective pivot headband that ensures comfort, and when worn with head protective devices, a quick release headband for easy putting on and taking off, especially when head protective devices cannot be removed in specific work hazard areas. The low-profile design, integrates with face shields, eye protective devices and hard hats.

Dromex® DH202 is a standard size half mask body and being adjustable allows for a customized fit for the user that complements the Dromex® twin cartridge filter system, resulting in lower inventory of cartridges and respirators.


Style: Twin cartridge, TPR body, re-useable half mask with an adjustable head cradle and storage protective mould

Half mask body: TPR (Thermo plastic rubber) Dual harness

Harness: with adjustable head cradle, withstands a pull of 50 N applied for 10 s.

Resistance to temperature: a) 24 h in a dry atmosphere of (70 + 3) “C.b) 24 h at a temperature of (-30 * 3) “C.

Inward leakage: <5 % of the inhaled air & mean result not exceeds 2%.

Exhalation valve: Continuous exhalation flow of 300 I/min over a period of 30s. Housing and its attachment withstands an axial tensile force of 50N applied for 10s.

Mass: 100.4g with no cartridge assembly.

Additional: There are no metal fittings in this device.Half mask storage bags are available, Dromex part number: DHRB-BL



NRCS Homologated to SANS 10338: 1999 as required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993), and the Mine Health and Safety Act, 1996 (Act No. 29 of 1996).NRCS Homologated as per SANS 50140:1998, Respiratory protective devices — Half masks and quarter masks — Requirements, testing, marking. NRCS Type Approval No.: AZ 2011/46.CE EN approval as per BSI 0086, Type Examination No. 69552 – UNIFIT Half Mask as per approval from IOM (Institute of Occupational medicine) EH8 9SU, WHO collaborating centre for occupational health. Testing in accordance with BS 7356: 1990 EN140:1998 as per test report AP/530/147(d), contract No.: AP/530/147.Quality System as per ISO9001:2008 certificate HK01/00703 as issued by SGS, UKAS approval number 005.Approved for used with particulate filters as per EN 143:2003 and gas filters as per EN14387:2004 + A1:2008.


All respiratory selection should be read in conjunction with BS EN 529:2005 “Respiratory Protective devices – Recommendations for selection, use, care and maintenance”. These respirators do not supply oxygen.Do not use these respirators or enter in an area where: • The Oxygen concentration is not known or is less than 19.5%. (e.g. tanks or other poorly ventilated areas). • Contaminants or their concentrations are unknown or are known to be immediately dangerous to life or health • Do not use in explosive atmospheres. • Particulate or gas concentrations exceed levels fixed by the applicable health and safety regulations. • The requirement for leak tightness is unlikely to be achieved if worn against a beard or facial stubble. • Not to be used for firefighting

None of the materials or processes used in the manufacture of these products are known to be harmful to the wearer. The manufacturer has examined under the system for ensuring quality of production by means of monitoring and inspection. These respirators are designed to accommodate the basic safety requirements and standards for Personal Protective Equipment. The information contained herein is intended to assist the wearer in the selection of personal protective equipment. Actual conditions of use cannot be directly simulated in a test environment therefore it is the responsibility of the end user and not the manufacturer or supplier to determine the masks suitability for the intended use.All half maks should be thoroughly inspected before use to ensure no damage is present. Immediately discard, should there be visible damage on the respirator.


The exterior of the filter can be cleaned with the use of a dry cloth. Solvents must not be used and care should be taken to ensure no water enters the filter. Shelf Life3 years. The expiry date of each item is indicated on the cartridge.


All industrial waste should be disposed of correctly according to local regulations and good disposal practice. Respiratory protective devices should be disposed of considering the hazardous substances they were used for. Please consider recycling.