DROMEX SPORTY Clear lens Safety Glasses AS + AF. EN 166:2001

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Polycarbonate lens and frame with UV protection (clear lens colour).
Dromex DV-12 polycarbonate mono lens spectacles are designed to protect
the users eyes from flying debris, particles, and UV light and sun glare.
Lateral vision : 180 degrees.
Complies with CE, EN 166:2001




Inspection Frequency and Details

Spectacles should be free of any potential contaminants that can affect its intended performance. The spectacles should be inspected by the user at the end of every use and then again prior to each use. Cracked eyewear must be disposed of as they will reduce eye protection and obstruct vision.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Designed as re-usable protective eyewear. After use clean with a mild cleaning liquid, carefully rinse off all traces of the cleaning liquid and dry with a soft cloth and gently wipe with a soft spectacle cleaning material. Do not clean on clothing nor use abrasive cleaners.

Limitations of Use

These spectacles should not be used for any athletic game, recreational activities, paintball or simulated water activities. These spectacles are not suitable to protect from chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear(CBRN) agents.