Chemical Goggles
DV-21/ Indirect Vent, • EN 166 FCE 3, 4, 9, B CE • DV-1,9, B

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• Clear polycarbonate mono lens
• 14 mm elasticated & adjustable cotton knit headband, High quality polyvinyl chloride frame
• Face contact area designed for comfort and seal
• Compatible with respiratory equipment, Ergonomic Design
• Scratch resistant lens • 120° lateral vision, Indirect dual ventilation system
• EN 166 FCE 3, 4, 9, B CE • DV-1,9, B Suitable For Use In: General Workshops/ Grinding

Dromex® DV-11 and DV-21,vented polycarbonate mono lens clear eye protective goggles is designed to protect the users eyes from flying debris, particles, and UV (Ultra Violet) light during work activities such as grinding. Suitable in engineering workshops, factories, warehouse and general industries without compromising worker safety and vision.

Designed for compatibility with other PPE, such as industrial hats, hearing protectors and respiratory protective half mask device’s the DV-11 and DV-21 goggles are lightweight with an impact resistant anti-scratch polycarbonate lens. These features ensures a firm fit promoting enhancedproduct performance and user comfort.

DV -11 features dual direct ventilation that protects the eyes from high speed, low energy impact of particles.

DV-21 features indirect dual ventilation that protects the eyes from liquids, large dust particles, hot solids and high-speed medium energy impact of particles


Style: Clear polycarbonate lens goggle with vents and adjustable head straps

Lens: Polycarbonate clear UV filter, shade 2-1,2 with scratch resistant lens

Frame: Polyvinyl chloride vented frame and cotton knit head band

Refractive Power: ±0.06 D

Astigmatism: 0.06 D

Optical class: 1 – ± 0, 06 DIOPTRES for permanent wear Lateral vision: 120 degrees

Minimum Velocity particles: Class F, 45 m/s ( DV-11) and Class B, 120 m/s (DV-12)

Mass: DV-11 58gDV -21 70g

Additional: Available in direct mesh vent DV-11 and indirect vent, DV-2


Complies with CE, EN 166:2001.Quality System as per ISO9001:200


Designed as re-usable protective eyewear. After use clean with a mild cleaning liquid, carefully rinse off all traces of the cleaning liquid and dry with a soft cloth and gently wipe with a soft spectacle cleaning material. Do not clean on clothing nor use abrasive cleaners.