DROMEX Keystone drive & Tig
Leather Welders Glove, EN 388 : 4111

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Description: Goatskin grain leather TIG welders NAPA or drivers glove.
Natural premium grain goatskin leather gunn cut, keystone thumb, shirred,
sewn with syntax thread. Cotton bound or chrome leather cuff.
Napa goatskin.
Sizes 8,9.10,11 12 (M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL)
EN 388 : 4111


Dromex® GGOAT, goats skin full grain leather gloves are designed for TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding or driver glove users.Goats skin is the most durable leather, as the natural lanolin content of the hide ensures the glove is soft and supple.Consists of natural premium full grain goatskin leather, with a gunn cut, keystone thumb, and shirred cuff, reinforced with syntax thread and red cotton bound cuff trim for additional strength.



Complies with the requirements of CE type examinations EN420 for innocuousness, pH value >3,5 <9,5, Chromium VI in leather shall not exceed 3,0 mg/kg and the size is correct. EN388 for compliance with directive 89/686/EEC Mechanical Risks (4,1,3,1).Quality System conforms to ISO 9001:2008 and environmental manage-ment system ISO 14001:2015 system certificates or acceptable equivale


Gloves should not be left in a contaminated condition if re-use is intended especially if potential hazards exist. Before removal from the hands excess contaminant should first be removed from the gloves. Should this not be possible, it is advisable to ease left and right hand gloves off using the gloved hand and remove the gloves without the contaminant contacting the bare hands. All gloves should be thoroughly inspected before use to ensure no damage is present.

How to decontaminate your leather glove.

Under no circumstances should leather submerged in water.1. Prepare a lukewarm water solution using mild detergent.2. Gently wipe your leather glove with a cloth.3. In-order to reduce stiffering, allow the leather glove to dry naturally.


All industrial waste should be disposed of correctly according to local regulations and good disposal practice. Gloves should be disposed of considering the hazardous substances they were used for. Please consider recycling

Gloves Sizes

Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XXL