Fully dipped PVC with wrist cuff. Liner-Fleeced jersey polyester cotton liner.Acids,oils,fats, caustics and Petroleum hydrocarbons, glycol ethers and alcohols. N 420, EN 388 & EN 374

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Style-Fully dipped with wrist cuff. Liner-Fleeced jersey polyester cotton liner.
Palm-Smooth finish. Mass-GPVC/KW ±(5g)120g per pair -size 10. Red
Cuff-Knitted wrist cuff. Functioning Temperature:-4°C to 66°C
Acids,oils,fats, caustics and Petroleum hydrocarbons, glycol ethers and alcohols


Dromex® GPVC/KW is a thermoplastic PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride), 27cm length glove, in ruby red colour with a synthetic coating on a polyestercotton interlock liner and knitted wrist cuff holding glove firmly on usershand and keeps dirt out. These gloves provide excellent resistance to most acids, oils, fats, caustics and petroleum hydrocarbons. In addition it provides abrasion resistance for both wet & dry applications, as well as being useful with alcohols and glycol ethers at the specified levels of exposure as indicated by the CE ratings. PVC functions well between temperatures of -4ºC & 66ºC



Tested in accordance with the European directive for PPE (89/686/EEC) for complex design, and is compliant with EN 420, EN 388 & EN 374.


Gloves should not be left in contaminated condition if re-use is intended especially if potential hazards exist. Before removal from the hands excess contaminant should first be removed however, should this not be possible, it is advisable to ease left and right hand gloves off using the gloved hand and remove the gloves without the contaminant contacting the bare hands. The gloves may then be decontaminated with mild detergent solution, then rinsed with clean water and dried ideally with some air movement.


All industrial waste should be disposed of correctly according to local regulations and good disposal practice. Gloves should be disposed of considering the hazardous substances they were used for. Please consider recycling.