Box 200 – Reusable Earplugs
Corded, Blue, SNR 29dB, CE EN 352-2 ( H=29 db, M=26 db, L=26 db)

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Re-usable ear pugs, Soft detachable cord
Easy to insert into your ear
Hi visibility fluorescent green & blue TPR
CE EN 352-2 ( H=29 db, M=26 db, L=26 db)
SNR 29 db

The Dromex® DR-118C, high visibility soft pliable, corded thermo plastic rubber earplugs are designed with optimum protection and comfort of the ear canal offering the highest level of protection against noise.These easy to insert, lightweight, non-toxic, non-irritating waterproof are washable, reusable and easy to carry. The DR-118C is comfortable for long-term wear in hot, humid work areas.Individually packed for hygienic dispensing even when installed in dusty production areas.Suitable for use in environments such as machining, grinding, steel- cutting and woodwork


Style: Preformed triple flange re-usable earplug, with cord

Material earplug: High visibility fluorescent thermo plastic rubber Material cord: Cotton

Noise attenuation data: SNR 29 dB

H 29 dB

M 26 dB

L 26 dB



Manufactured to EN 352-2: 2002 (DIN EN 352-2: 2003) as per the require-ments of EC Type – examination certificate Directive 89/686/EEC by PZT GmbH, An der Junkerei 48F, 26389 Wilhelmshaven, #1974.


Do not share earplugs as ears can be exposed to ear infections.

• Earplugs should be worn properly at all times in noisy surroundings.

• The earplugs should be fitted, adjusted and maintained in accordance with instructions provided in the packaging.

• If the recommendations are not adhered to, the protection afforded by the earplugs will be severely impaired.

• The earplugs may be adversely affected by certain chemical substances; avoid the use of agents (i.e. solvents and other disinfectants) that are known to be harmful to the wearer and/or the earplug.

• Regularly inspect for tears or cracks and replace if service ability is suspected to be affected. Corded earplugs should not be used where there is a risk that the connecting cord could be caught up during use.• Sounds above 85dB are harmful to the ears


After each use wash and rinse with warm soapy water.

All industrial waste should be disposed of correctly as per local regulations and good disposal practice. Hearing protective devices should be disposed of considering the hazardous substance they were used for. Please consider recycling