Optime™ III Ear Muffs, Neckband, 35 dB, Black/ Red, CE approved against the European Standard EN352-1:1993

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EAR MUFF 35 dB, Black/Red, H540B-412-SV
Attenuation rating (SNR) 35 Decibel ,
Features Liquid Filled Sealing Rings / Constant pressure/Low Profile
Double casing technology for high performance,
Otime Product Series
Standards – CE approved against the European Standard EN352-1:1993



The Peltor Optime III range passive earmuffs are available in headband, neckband or helmet mounted version. These products are designed to provide high level of attenuation, particularly sound dominated by low frequencies, in some key applications where extreme noise levels are encountered.

When correctly selected and worn these products help reduce exposure to hazardous levels of noise andloud sounds.

The helmet mounted version is designed to fit a wide range of industrial safety helmets (see below for further details).

NOTE: High visibility version is available in the OptimeIII range


Modern, stylish cup design

Unique low profile headband design helps maintain constant pressure thus providing confidence in protection

Double casing technology helps minimise resonance effect

Good speech intelligibility

Large space inside cup helps reduce moisture and heat build-up

Soft wide cushions helps reduce pressure around the ears and improves comfort and wearability

Easy to replace cushions and inserts help keep them hygienically clean

Easy to understand attenuation symbol to help ensure correct product selection

Helmet mounted version fits directly to many industrial safety helmets without the need for an adapter



CE approved against the European Standard EN352-1:1993


• After each use wash and rinse with warm soapy water.

• Clean and dry earmuffs when not used for a long period of time.

• Solvent or abrasive cleaner should not be used.

• Cushions may deteriorate with use and should be examined at frequent intervals for cracking and tears.

• Discard immediately when headband is broken, cups are damaged and cushions are missing, as the earmuff can no longer provide full hearing protection.Under normal circumstances the earmuff should offer adequate protection for 2 -3 years. Discard if noticeable damages is prevalent