SPOGGLE. Dual purpose spectacle and goggle all in one. Grey Lens

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Dromex® SPOGGLE, dual purpose spectacle and goggle all in one.

polycarbonate mono lens and detachable prescription lens inner. Designed to
protect the users eyes from flying debris and light chemical splash during work
activities. Suitable in the construction, mining, milling, engineering workshops,
factories, warehouse and general industries.
The spoggle lens frame is forehead contoured with a rubber face seal and
features a unique contra-flow indirect vent system in the upper and lower
frame. The lens offers clear front and side protection without compromising on
clarity and is anti-scratch and anti-fog coated.
In spectacle mode the Spoggle has a 3-point adjustable temple, with 3-point
lateral positions, ensures a firm and comfortable fit. In goggle mode the
Spoggle has a 13mm elasticated and adjustable head band.
Designed for compatibility with other PPE, such as industrial hats, hearing
protective devices and respiratory protective half mask devices.
The spoggle is easy to put on with gloves and is lightweight.